Another Tip – Compliment Her

Compliment Her

Yes…Compliment her.
Compliment her hair, clothes, shoes, jewelry, smile, laugh.
Anything AND everything you like about her.
The meals she cooks, how she keeps the house, what a great Mom she is to your children.

Believe me, once you start looking for stuff to compliment her on,
You will discover tons of things you have probably been overlooking.
Things us men normally take for granted.
And this can be poison to a relationship.

One of the main criticisms women have is
“I don’t feel appreciated. I am taken for granted.”
Let’s try not to fall into that trap.

Try to be specific with your compliments and praise.
Don’t just say “I like your cooking”.
Instead, tell her “I really like the mashed potatoes tonight”.

And it must be genuine. Women can smell fake real quick.
So, eyes open, look for, and compliment her whenever you can.

See you soon….Dave

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