Do It Now…

Do It Now

The tip for today is:
Do something immediately when she asks you to do it.

Let me repeat that for you.
Do something immediately when she asks you to do it.

Whether it be take out the garbage, walk the dog, carry the groceries in.
Do it as soon as she asks you to do it.

You may think I am crazy for listing this as a tip.
Like what does this have to do with relationship stuff.
Or you may already be doing this naturally.
If so, great.
Either way, there are probably tasks that are being overlooked by you.

Let me tell you a couple reasons why this is so important…
Regardless whether the task she requests is minor or major.

She has probably experienced being blown-off or ignored a large portion of her life.
For whatever rationale or basis, it doesn’t matter.

You want to be different from that.
You want to stand out from that.
You want to be something new and better than days gone by.

Another reason to do it is to demonstrate that you are listening to her.
I don’t mean listening as in obeying,
but hearing her and understanding her…
That kind of listening.

Talking is a very important part of relationships for women.
Not so much for us men.  Listening is key for that.
We fellows could all get better in this area of listening.

Finally, a relationship is somewhat like a team.

What if a quarterback said “Hike” and the center didn’t give him the ball?
They would not make any progress in the direction they both wanted to go, correct?

So open your eyes and ears and watch for those requests from her and jump on them.

Good luck….Dave

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