Buy Her Flowers…

Button Mums

Up to this point all the tips and hints I’ve suggested have been free…
without any cost money-wise.

The one for today will cost you a little.
Buy her some flowers.

All women love flowers. No matter what they say.
If you know what kind she likes, fine. If not, fine.

Just buy her some flowers and surprise her for no reason.
The big key is – for no reason.

No special occasion like birthday, anniversary, etc.
And not because you are guilty of something,
or trying to make amends or saying you’re sorry.

Just do it out of the blue.
Buy her some flowers and enjoy her reaction!

Best wishes…Dave

PS. One of the flower types I liked to buy were “Button Mums” – like in the photo.
Relatively inexpensive, but they lasted a looooong time.

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