It is we – not me – in your marriage.

One of the important points to remember in your relationship is that, it is a “we” and not “me” relationship. It is a union, a partnership, a team if you will. Us men sometimes have a hard time recognizing and accepting this fact. But it is a fact. The Bible states that we are to come together and be one. Looking out for the other as much, or more, than our own self.

In the times we currently live, it has become an “all about me” and “what’s in it for me” type of world. Now, I am not bashing personal incentive and achievement in any way. However, when it comes to your most treasured relationship, all that AND ego must be put aside.

Think about it like this for just a moment.
Instead of both of you trying to outdo each other for your OWN benefit and enjoyment, how about both of you trying to outdo each other in pleasing your partner?

See you soon…….Dave

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