Talk or Text?

I saw this photo on the internet the other day.
First, I laughed. Then I thought how sad but true what this is referring to.

Personally, I would have called the App “talking”.

We have turned into a culture where we are more likely
to text or email than talk. Whether that be in person or on the phone.

This is not good for marriages or relationships.
It is fine for the occasional snippets of conversation or information,
but definitely not as the primary method of communication
between two people who care about each other.

I am not condemning those “I Love You” texts thru out the day to your loved one.
Those are a great way to share encouragement and support when phone calls aren’t practical or possible.
But electronic communication in lieu of talking is simply asking for trouble.

One, you cannot tell the context of the message…happy, sad, angry, don’t care.
Two, there is no way to tell their tone of voice…which we all know is a large part of the message – their attitude.
Third, we are not able to see their body language. For example, are they rolling their eyes,
or are their eyes full of excitement?

Bottom line is, all you can do is read the words and assume what it means.

I heard a mother at a high school function recently say it was completely acceptable for a boyfriend and girlfriend to communicate 99% via text. She said “That is just the way relationships are these days”. To say I was shocked at this statement is putting it mildly.
A personal relationship without talking, either on the phone or in person, but preferably in person, is destined for failure.

We were created by God. He wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us, just like He did with Adam. God walked and talked with him. And that is the model we are to copy in our relationships as well. We each want and need that closeness, we were designed for it.

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See you soon….Dave

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